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Random thoughts

Friday, February 20, 2004

Dammit, Donald!!

Okay, not happy with the results of last night's The Apprentice. Why was Bill in the bottom three?!?!

Friends is becoming more interesting.... Well, for me, because I'm rooting for Ross and Rachel to finally get back together.

Another late night last night. This one was way better though. I will never look at TV Thursdays the same way again. ;) Last night would be a hard act to follow.

And okay, I finally figured out how exactly to put pictures in this blog website. But I'm pigheaded, and I like typing my thoughts directly onto the webpage, as opposed to emailing them in with the pic. I suppose I'm being a Luddite right now. Okay, okay, next time, then!

Random thoughts that won't go away:
1. Shirley Hart (?) sounded really good
2. i want more lip balm
3. excited about new T-mobile service coming soon
4. drank way too much wine last night
5. i need new jeans, i need new jeans, i need new jeans!!
6. i can't wait to try these lush shampoo bars that i got recently
7. i need to find more interesting work
8. i have to finish all the books that i have but haven't read yet

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