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Random thoughts

Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Being the obsessive geek that I am, I checked my hotmail account earlier today to see if there were any updates on the iPod that I just ordered. Surprisingly, there it was: an email from Apple. And it contained what I thought was good news at the time: they had reduced the price of the iPod so I was going to get refunded some money.

Curious as to the reason, I checked the Apple website and noticed that the 40GB iPod was no longer there. I pulled up Google and came up with this:

%^&$^#$%#&^%&^*(@@#$%$^^!!!!! Sneaky Apple people!

Now what am I going to do with a 40GB that pales in comparison to everything else Apple will be selling soon? Thanks a lot! But yeah, yeah, at least I'll be able to listen to music. It won't be so bad (I think).

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