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Random thoughts

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

New Phone!!

Got my new phone yesterday! It's a Nokia 6610, and I'm still on a new-phone high. I think I've looked at my phone about fifty times in the last hour, even though no one has called or sent me a text message. Isn't that just the saddest thing?

I've set up everything though -- The Sex and the City theme has been downloaded and set up, and I can now access movie times, email and other information on the web via my phone. Technological advancement is such a wonder.

Whoops, see there, I took a break from typing to look at my phone again. Dammit!


I feel a little yucky right now because I haven't worked out the last couple of days. I ran with a friend on Monday, but that just doesn't feel sufficient, because I'm used to really working out every day. Arte, 'no? Haha! But it's just not a good feeling, that's all.

Tomorrow is TV Thursday again, and I have taken it upon myself to fix dinner for me and my TV buddy. So what will I serve? Pre-fixed food. Hahaha! My TV buddy is one of the best cooks I know, and all I can serve him is preservative-saturated food. Last time, I served him ready-to-eat potstickers, while I ate leftover Chinese. I should be embarrassed... I should be.... but somehow....

Okay, Mr. Trump, I hope you keep Bill out of the boardroom this week! Geez!

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