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Random thoughts

Monday, September 20, 2004

Weekend Recap - Haaaappy Birthday to Meeee!

Yup, I'm a year older. Don't ask how old though. It doesn't matter - I feel young! I do. Really. Okay, I'll stop trying to convince myself now.

Anyway, to celebrate, I invited a few friends over for dinner Saturday night, and we had the best time. We really didn't do anything extraordinary, but it was fun to just sit around and chat. I'm glad though because I think I did a pretty good job with the guest list, and everyone enjoyed themselves, even though some of them met for the first time that night. So it was a success.

Sunday, my actual birthday, my family and I headed to the LA Cathedral to celebrate Sunday mass. We then put in some sightseeing. I looked like a complete tourist, asking my parents to pose in front of the stained glass windows and the alter and the tapestries. My uncle refused to pose in the pictures! Haha! :P

Here's a picture from the party Saturday night. We had a group pic as well, but when I started "censoring" the shots, that one didn't make the cut. Sorry!

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