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Random thoughts

Monday, September 13, 2004

Weekend Recap

The past weekend was pretty mellow. Just hung out with family, went to visit a relative who recently had an operation, then had lunch at a Filipino restaurant (bad for diet!). In the afternoon, I got really antsy, but everyone was either busy, sleeping or too hot to move. I wanted to go to the beach, or ride my bike to the ocean. Well, finally, my dad woke up and I was able to convince him to ride with me to the beach. When we got back, we had a simple dinner and then I had to get ready to go out with friends that I hadn't seen in a long time.

Lesson #1 for that night: If the club isn't where they said it was going to be, then you must be on the wrong street!

Lesson #2: Hang out with Anami and Andoni more. It was so much fun! I guess I have this habit of just drifting along, hanging out with the same bunch of people and resisting the "social butterfly" scene, but it's really refreshing to spend time with different sets of friends. I should do that more often.

Sunday was just beach day. My grandmother said, "Ang itim-itim mo na! (You're so dark already!)" But as I see it, this is the only season I can really be outside a lot. When fall comes, then winter, then spring, I'll lose the color I got during summer. So my color changes with the season. They'll all just have to come visit me in the winter then, if they want to see me with fairer skin. ;)

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