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Random thoughts

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Thanksgiving Stress

It always seems like everything happens all at once when it's Thanksgiving. There's so much to do when preparing for a big party like this, and my nerves are being tested a little bit more than normal. I guess since Thanksgiving and Christmas are the major parties during the year, and the rest of the year is pretty much uneventful, when this season comes around, I feel like so much is being asked of me.

Anyway, last night we set up all the tables and chairs, and set out the tablecloths, so when I woke up this morning, it felt like I was walking out onto the preparations for a wedding party (the tablecloths are all white or cream, with a little bit of sheen), and the guests are about to arrive. It's quite festive, really. Then I head into the kitchen, and I remember all the stuff I have to prepare and cook, and I get overwhelmed. And why is it that in the midst of this, so many of the activities I want to be involved with suddenly spring up? Sigh. Like tonight, I wanted to hang out at St. Monica's to meet more people there, but I'm not sure if I can go anymore. Or like tomorrow, there's a big gathering at a new club that I was invited to, and of course I can't go -- God forbid I go out the night before Thanksgiving, I'd be shot in the head in the morning.

But despite this, I'm still happy. Why?

1. I'm buying the digital piano tonight.
2. John made smoothies today, and made them Irish. Haha!
3. When I got back to John's house today, the door was locked, and I had to tap through the kitchen window where Bruno was so he could open it for me. He unlocked the door, but didn't open it, and that puzzled me, but I opened it myself anyway. And there he was by the door, his lips puckered as if waiting for a kiss. I just had to laugh.
4. John's friend Jen is the nicest, most unpretentious person I've ever met. She's fun to be around.
5. I'm going climbing this weekend. And my friend has said he'd get me a good deal on a harness.
6. My knitting is turning out better than I thought it would. I can't wait to give this present.
7. Christmas is around the corner!
8. Sarah Mclachlan is having another concert, this time in Santa Barbara, which I've always wanted to revisit anyway. I don't care if I go alone, I'm going! :P


Quick Update:

My baby is going to be shipped in 5-10 days! Oh the anticipation!

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