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Random thoughts

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Odds and Ends

Had a first last night. I had offered to help Brian with a short romantic comedy he had written, and last night, we finally had a table reading. I'd never been to one of those, so of course I was extremely quiet, and didn't find much to contribute. It was interesting though. And before long, I had to really open my mouth and talk, because I had to read the descriptions in the script, as well as the lines of some of the extra characters. I felt a little self-conscious, but when we watched the tape again, it really wasn't so bad.

We ended late though, so on the way back, I grabbed the back seat and proceeded to sleep. I only woke up when we were almost at home. Haha!


Today, I was waiting for the pedestrian light in Santa Monica, when this bald man with tattoos all over his arms walked up next to me with his bike, and started a conversation. He asked for my name.

Me: Angela. (Sorry, Ange, now there's a big bald guy looking for you in Third Street!)

Mr. Baldy: Angela, hi, I'm [insert forgotten name] . Nice to meet you.

We shook hands.

Mr. Baldy: Where do you live?

Me: Around here.

Mr Baldy: Third Street?

Me: Santa Monica.

Thank God the light changed.

Me: See ya!

Mr Baldy: Bye!

I ducked into Acadie Crepes and stuffed myself with cooked apples and maple syrup (#10 in the menu). Comfort food for the traumatized. :P I think that conversation could win the Most Senseless Award.


Things are getting crazy job-wise, and I don't know what to do. Can't really say much in this website, but I'm feeling the pressure now. I can't decide what I want to do with my life.


I haven't gone dancing in awhile, and I feel the bug coming on again. God, it's been such a long time, and I used to go out to clubs a lot before. Those were the days. Anyway, it's that time again, and I'm raring to go out. I've already got one night crossed out, and I can't wait to cross out more! :)

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