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Random thoughts

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Watch this show, dammit!

Most of the shows that I was raving about last season, I've actually gotten burned out on. I don't feel any great desire to stay at home for TV anymore. But there is one show that still stands out - and I keep telling people to watch it. It's called Scrubs, and it's the most hilarious TV show I've ever seen in the past year. It really might even be better than Friends (*gasp* Did I say that?!).

I wish I had a picture of a particular scene in the last episode - Turk holding up his foot to Elliot's nose, and Elliot reacting to it. After watching it last Tuesday, Marc and I did a little breathing exercise, supposedly to calm ourselves down and clear our heads, but everytime I exhaled, I had to suppress a giggle because I couldn't stop seeing that toe in my head. And, when I opened my eyes the next morning, it was the first thought I had, and I busted out laughing. Great way to start the day!

I cannot wait for the DVD to come out. My brother is a doctor, and I am definitely sending it to him when it becomes available. So people, if Scrubs is showing where you are (I wonder if Manila has it), it's a sin not to at least give one episode a try. You'll like it!

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