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Random thoughts

Friday, March 11, 2005


10 Things I Love About SoCal
1. The weather.
2. The beaches. My favorites are Malibu, Huntington and La Jolla, so far.
3. How I can choose to stay in the city or drive a little ways to the mountains and go on a hike. And there are literally hundreds of trails out there, and I'd like to try each one! I've actually been doing research lately because I miss the days when I used to go hiking by myself in Griffith Park, just to clear my head.
4. How a little long-driving can take me to snow. Mammoth Mountain!
5. The variety of people you can meet.
6. How I can wear clothes that would be thought of as outrageous back home.
7. Juice that's fresh, not loaded with sugar and not overpriced!
8. Joshua Tree National Park.
9. My cousins who live here, who treat me so well and who always tell me they love me.
10. How easy it is to live a healthier lifestyle here.

10 Things I Miss About Manila
1. Family.
2. Friends.
3. Greenhills.
4. Not having to explain every gesture I make or every other expression I use.
5. Good old Filipino humor.
6. Clubs that stay open past 2 am.
7. Sizzling sisig at Dencio's.
8. Hour-long massages that cost less than ten dollars, when converted from Philippine pesos.
9. Dulcinea's churros con chocolate.
10. The taho guy who always comes by the house in the afternoon on weekends.

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Ako naman, what I miss about the US:

1)Everything and everybody in New York
2)The Food!
3)The weather
4)Lahat ng mga girls with big DODOs!

By Anonymous Pau, at March 12, 2005 3:56 PM  

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