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Random thoughts

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Freak Show

Sometimes, friends who come to visit ask me to take them to the "place where we can see all the freaks", where these supposed "freaks" let people have their picture taken with them, sign autographs, etc., etc. In the past, I've always just smiled and shrugged because I had no idea what place they were talking about - I'd never before seen anyone amiably giving an autograph because he or she was a freak.

But today when I took my mom to the Fashion District in downtown LA, I was substantially enlightened about this. As we were walking along Santee Alley, I saw a small crowd of people looking like they were so fascinated by something. At first I thought, "Is Michael Vartan here?!" Well, he wasn't, but there was this person of average height who had the biggest %^%&%^*$#!$^ feet I have ever seen in my life. He even had special flip-flops because not only were they huge, they were deformed as well. And he was just signing autographs left and right, like he was a movie star.

All I could think of was: I wonder if he pays extra when he gets a pedicure?

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uh, cathy...
when you do see michael vartan in your neighborhood, picture ha!!!:D

By Blogger jadeD, at March 20, 2005 9:58 PM  

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