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Random thoughts

Thursday, March 24, 2005

A Day In The Valley

Took the day off today and did work for myself, for a change. It was refreshing not to have to rush to work in the morning and worry about all the trivial things I have to do. I feel like I accomplished a lot - I was able to arrange my papers for passport renewal, and I met with my lawyer to discuss a few visa issues. It felt like the most productive day I've ever had in a long time.

John had given me a gift certificate to an Italian restaurant in Toluca Lake, so Marc and I headed over there to sample their menu. The restaurant is called Ca' del Sole, and their food was pretty good. The ambiance was a little homey, but it seemed really popular. We got there kind of early, and the place was empty, but when we left, it was close to full capacity. So if you ever find yourself in the Toluca Lake area, you know where you can go.

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