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Random thoughts

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The Blues

Just came from the climbing gym and... (drumroll, please)... I'm doing the blues now in the bouldering area! Woohoo! Okay, so the hierarchy goes: pink (5.9), yellow (V0), green (V1) and then blue (V2). Don't ask me what colors come after that because I haven't even looked that far yet. I'm just happy to be one step up. Of course, I have yet to actually complete the blue problem I'm doing, but I'm only one move away from success, so it's still a step up. Yay, me!

So it's almost time for another reward, although I should probably hold back since I just "rewarded" myself with the iPod, which is still sitting on my nightstand because I refuse to use it without a protective case. I used it on the roadtrip to Lancaster though, so it's not entirely dormant.

But back to the topic - I'm doing blues now! Yay!

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