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Random thoughts

Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Sometimes when I'm having a slow day at work, I check out some of the funny stuff on craigslist. The best read is the missed connections board, where all sorts of people, both normal and weird, post descriptions of the people they supposedly had missed connections with.

Check out this guy:

the chick i had sex with and didnt call back for over a week - m4w - 25
you seemed a little upset that i waited a week to call you.. how do you know something important didnt happen that took a week of my time. Or how do you know that after i got you in bed, i wanted the thrill of getting another chick in bed, did that, and then remembered that our sex was pretty good and we got along well? Why do women get so upset when guys wait a week to call? We are supposed to have perfect manners when the way you acted up until we got the sex could be seen as nothing short of rude for someone who actually likes someone else???

--hates the player and the game, or just the game, or, well, not sure who he hates

Yeah, I really see a special relationship growing out of that missed connection. Good luck, buddy!

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