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Random thoughts

Thursday, March 24, 2005


Zach Braff was Punk'd recently, and it was hilarious but at the same time painful for me to watch him lose his temper. But goshdarnit, he's still babelicious even when he's angry.

This is what he says in his blog about the experience:
Yes it's true. I got Punk'd bad. I've been meaning to write about it for sometime, but I wasn't allowed to talk about it until it aired. It was a very disturbing sight to see my brand new car covered in graffiti. I'm pretty sure I'd do the exact same thing again. For those of you that don't understand, maybe it's a Jersey thing or something. I don't have too many alpha male qualities (I went to theater camp for God's sake) but growing up in Jersey, me and my buddies always loved cars. Hurting a nice one is sacrilegious. All I can think about now is plotting my revenge on Donald Faison. It consumes me. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night just to jot down good ideas. I'm open to any and all suggestions.

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That was awesome! He was SO angry and I loved it how he was telling the little kid how he was going to go to jail.

I still love the guy.

By Blogger Yano, at March 28, 2005 2:48 PM  

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