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Random thoughts

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Distended Thoughts

The tendinitis in my wrist is acting up again. Last night I felt so weak that I couldn't climb my usual level. I did some lead climbing though, and I feel like I'm becoming more comfortable with it. I have yet to try the 5.10A on lead though, but I need to get over this 'injury' first. Damn this wrist.


I'm on a Lenny Kravitz rampage today. I've been listening to his songs since this morning, off and on.


Those dark chocolate M&M's are doing a pretty good job evading me. I've been to most of the grocery stores in the area, and nothing. Nada. Zip.


Got into an interesting philosophical talk last night and now I can't seem to go one hour without thinking back to it. There are so many insights that I still want to discuss and sift through.


Joey is on TV right now, and I'm semi-tuned in. I suppose the humor has gotten better, but it's still not a worthy post-Friends sitcom.

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