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Random thoughts

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Where the hell is it?

I've had to put off going to the store to get a bag of those new dark chocolate M&M's, and finally today I was able to swing by Ralph's while I was on one of my errands. I walked into the store, ignored everything else and went straight for the candy aisle.

Passed the KitKats... passed the Reese's... passed the After Eights... etc., etc.

Me (in my mind): Where the hell is it?

I went through the whole candy aisle three times, and they were nowhere to be seen. What is wrong with that store? Joedie and Angela got theirs at Target, but the Target in this area is quite a drive from home. And there is no way that Whole Foods or Wild Oats would have candies like that.

That leaves two stores that I have to raid tomorrow: Sav-on and Albertson's. Please, God, let me have my M&M's!

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