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Random thoughts

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Time Lapse

I've been getting more and more interested in the time lapse option in cameras (and that means I'm becoming dissatisfied with the camera I have haha). I've seen some great time lapse projects; my camera was even used for a makeshift time lapse - it was put on a tripod, and a photo was taken every hour. Using iMovie from Apple, the photos were put together in one movie file, and it made for a really amusing clip.

Here are some more cool ones I found:

Sunset. I love the colors and how the clouds move in this clip.
Japanese action. I can just imagine the amount of work they had to do to make this film, having to move the figures so many times!
Cute Lego movie. I love Lego!

So anyway, I'm starting to do research on cameras that can do time lapses. I think I'd like to film myself sleeping and see what weird things I do at night.

One option: The Olympus Camedia.
Second option: Canon Powershot G6

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