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Random thoughts

Thursday, June 30, 2005

March of The Penguins

Although some people might argue that this film is a glorified Discovery special, seeing this in the big screen, especially with the amazing footage that the two cameramen took, and with Morgan Freeman narrating (serious, yet somehow endearingly comical at times), I found myself getting fascinated by the life cycle of the penguin. And those little baby ones are just the cutest! Someone said, "I feel like adopting one!" Yeah, if only I could live in sub-zero weather, right?

I found myself not only in awe of the actual subject of the movie, but with the efforts and creativity I imagine it took to capture these images. It was fun to see the footage of the cameramen as they pulled their equipment across the icy ground, set up shop and proceeded to film the little creatures.

Just the thought of being there makes me cold though. Brr!

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