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Random thoughts

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Weekend Recap - Reconnecting with Friends and Marc's Birthday

What a weekend!

I am now two shades darker than normal because I spent a good part of Saturday baking in the sun and frolicking in the waves (and then forgetting to reapply sunblock). Daisy had a conference in Vegas for a whole week and decided to swing by this weekend to spend time with us. Her only request was that we go to the beach since she hasn't had the chance to go to the beaches up north, and besides it's way colder and less conducive to beach activities up there. So Saturday found us in Newport, just kicking back and catching up with each other.

Marc and I had to head back before dark to go to Koi, this really hip Japanese place. It's his birthday today but we decided to celebrate last night so we could see all the beautiful people at the restaurant. Koi is a really great place, but since it was a Saturday night, it was pretty noisy and not as intimate as we would have liked. But the food was fantastic! An added bonus was bumping into Bruno and Grace. I took Marc with me to say hi to them, just to let them know we were there.

Me: Hey Bruno, Grace, I just wanted to say hi. This is Marc. We're in that other room, John got us reservations for tonight.
Grace: Oh hi, hi, yeah that's good.
Bruno: Remind me again who you are?

God love him.

Sunday, Marc and I decided to go to downtown LA to do some "shopping" for him. I said, "It's your birthday, you have to get yourself something special! Let's go!" So we drove up there, walked around the men's district, found some luggage (but it was for me, not for him), then walked to the women's district, where I proceeded to take over the shopping trip. The heat was getting to be too unbearable though, so we headed back soon enough, but not before I had purchased earrings and a tank top, aside from the carryon luggage I got.

Then lunch, mass, and a quiet little evening reading. Finally it was time to end the day (at least for him). I still had some phone time to put in with some people for this new venture.

But now it's over and Monday's shadow is looming over me. I'm looking forward to yoga and climbing tomorrow!

...pictures to follow...

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