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Random thoughts

Monday, August 29, 2005

Weekend Recap - Food, Food and More Food

Just for this weekend, I may have to go on a fast for awhile. It seemed like everywhere we went the past couple of days, all we did was eat. Not hungry? Here's more food! Ugh.

Marc and I had planned on catching Breakfast at Tiffany's with my dad at the Aero Theatre on Montana, but when Vincent announced that he had no plans that night, the night of his birthday, we had to cancel the movie and head to Burbank to join in an impromptu birthday dinner.

Vinnie's really picky about the food he eats so we let him pick the restaurant. We ended up in Bennigan's, an Irish restaurant that would probably be closest to a TGIF's. The food was alright, but the dessert was yummy! Tita Jeannette and I actually planned our main course around the desserts we wanted to try. So there went my "avoid refined sugar" rule.

On Saturday I went with my family to a distant aunt's house for a mini-reunion. We were getting together because she was moving back to the Philippines for good, and my grandmother, aunt and uncle wanted to bid her goodbye. Of course when we got there, the first thing they did was to hand plates around and herd us to the buffet table. There was a huge assortment of Filipino food, and since our neighborhood doesn't have a Filipino restaurant, I just had to have everything, no matter how unhealthy.

At one point, one of the uncles started looking for ice cream and, upon finding none, announced that it wasn't a party without some. So Vinnie, Dean and I went with him to pick out the flavors we wanted. Poor me, there was no cookie dough ice cream. But Vinnie got his Jamoca, and our uncle got his butter pecan. I had a scoop of each of course. :P

I felt sluggish the next day so after mass, I went to the climbing gym to boulder and do some cardio. Of course once I got on the wall, I got totally into the problems I was working on so I only had time for a ten-minute session on the stationary bike.

And then what? Well, a potluck at Charlie's, of course! Marc and I brought adobo, a popular Filipino dish, and some wine and juice. Julie cooked up a storm with Mexican rice, beans, two kinds of chicken and some vegetables. Meg brought the dessert, a homemade blueberry torte that I had to restrain myself from sampling before everyone else.

I was in total food coma by the time we finished dinner and moved to the living room; it seemed like all the meals I had this weekend took their toll on me then, and I lay on the couch beside Marc, not able to move. I remember Julie asking if anyone wanted tea and I did, but I was too lazy to move my lips. Mental telepathy didn't work so I just went back to limbo.

So this week I'll try to be good. That is, if there are no potlucks, parties or buffets to go to!

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