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Random thoughts

Monday, August 22, 2005

Miss Crankypants

I don't think I was very nice today. I was completely out of it, not reacting positively to the friendly banter my grandmother usually dishes out. Barely acknowledged the people that I usually go out of my way to bid goodbye or say hello to. What is it with this day? I just wasn't feeling very social.

It could be because I spent most of the day by myself, working on a few things for John, and doing a few of my own projects. I don't think I opened my mouth to talk the whole afternoon I was at work. I was singing though (good thing I was alone), haha! Normally on slow days like today, I swing by 16th Street to see Marc but somehow today I didn't even try. I might be dropping by too much there anyway, and Jim the architect might get on my case about that.

I can't seem to get a moment alone though to ride out this funky mood I'm in.


I think it's time for bed.

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