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Random thoughts

Friday, September 30, 2005

Shoop Shoop Shoop

We're having a little bit of an Indian summer right now here in SoCal, but it did cool down a little bit last week. It served as a reminder that fall is almost upon us, and November isn't so far away - November 10, to be exact. It's the opening of ski season in Mammoth! Woohoo! I checked out the website and all those pictures of the snow last year made me jittery and pee-in-my-pants excited. I can't wait to plan a trip out there again.

I think my cousin David is actually going solo there sometime in November. I doubt that I can go, but it will be great to hear of the conditions there. With this new job starting, I can only probably go during weekends. That's one of the perks I will miss about this old job, the flexibility to be able to take a few days off to go on exciting week-long trips. It was good while it lasted!

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