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Random thoughts

Saturday, September 17, 2005

The Constant Gardener

We caught the late showing of this movie last night - finally, after a failed attempt to watch it on its opening night. I wasn't sure what to expect because the trailer is some sort of a teaser; it doesn't really tell you what it's about. I knew it was a good bet though, what with Ralph Fiennes and Rachel Weisz in it.

I like a movie that sets itself apart from most other off-the-rack plots, and this was one of them. A very creative story (but one that I hope is purely fictional, even in terms of certain premises in the film), and beautifully translated into the big screen.

It made me realize how lucky I am to be in the situation I'm in now, despite all the convoluted complaints I always have. This certainly puts everything into perspective. Happiness is something that cannot be derived from just money/material things or power. You can always find it in whatever situation. I suppose from my point of view, these people are in dire need of help, and I pity them, and I can't even imagine the pain they go through. But how do you explain the smiles on their faces? I can look at them and feel pity because of the position I'm in. But what if I had been born in Africa, in the exact same situation they're in? I'd find my own happiness, I think, not knowing anything else besides the life that I have.

And who knows, maybe someone else in some other country, in some other planet is looking at us and shaking their heads, saying, "There's a crisis there. We've got to help."

Of course this doesn't mean leaving them to their own devices. I applaud the volunteers who give everything to help these people, and I wish I could offer the same help. I suppose it's just a big realization for me that one cannot be so egotistic as to assume you can give happiness. You can create the situation for it, but it's up to the person to grab the opportunity or not.

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