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Random thoughts

Friday, March 31, 2006


Cecile and David invited us for a round of card games last night. I had assumed that we were going to play poker or Hearts or something, but we ended up playing Uno, a pretty entertaining card game that I know I've played before - I couldn't remember any of the rules though, so we had to play a couple of refresher rounds just to get everyone up to speed.

Cut to after the games - I was the "Uno queen" of the night! Woohoo! I know that sounds kind of gay, but whatever! I actually won - me, who can't seem to win at any card game, even 52-pickup! Haha!

Now I'm even more psyched to get Marc's place all fixed up, so that we can have ultimate game nights. I want to bring on the heavy stuff - Cranium, Taboo (which Cecile had in French, and of course there was no way I was going to play that), etc., etc. Any other game suggestions are welcome!

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