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Random thoughts

Friday, March 17, 2006

In The Orange Zone

It's either because I'm losing my Christmas pounds, or my long hours at the rock gym are finally paying off -- I've finished two orange problems in a week's time at the gym. No going home and coming back another day to try them, I simply had to back off for a few minutes, and I finally sent them, fair and square, with a nod to Tad's 3-second top-off rule.

I suppose two problems in one week is not much. I've completed easier ones, but it's the orange ones that count now, since that's the hardest that I've done. I can do most blues. I can do all greens, yellows and pinks. So I think I've come a long way. It takes time for me too because I don't just want to send the problem - I like being graceful when I climb, so if it requires a throw or a lunge that would feel awkward, I just stop and try to think of another way to do it. It's my obsession, I guess.

My next project is to be able to do the wood climb on the arch, something that has always scared the hell out of me. I get nervous and unsure when I start going vertical, upside-down, but I think I'm close to overcoming it. I've been able to go 3/4 of the way on the wood problem; a little more persistence, and I hope to finally finish it.

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