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Random thoughts

Friday, April 28, 2006

On Missing Yosemite

Cecile, David, Tony and his brother and sister are heading out to Yosemite tonight. Meanwhile, I still have work left to do, and Marc needs to do some reviewing. I kind of feel the beginnings of some stircraziness again, as our Santa Barbara trip was only for one day, and we didn't do any climbing. So I expect the effects of that trip should be wearing off soon.

It took all of my willpower not to grab a calendar last night and start blocking off dates with Tony and Marc to go climbing/camping somewhere. J.Tree, Malibu, Echo, Red Rocks, New Jack, Yosemite, wherever! Anywhere but here.

But I am really disappointed that it's this trip I have to miss when there's a bigger group, and consequently will be more fun. Tony's brother and sister are relatively new climbers, so I won't be afraid to jump in and climb with them, since I know Tony won't be doing any intense routes with them. And of course I would have jumped at the chance to check out the Royal Arches again, which Marc and I still hope to climb sometime in the (near?) future (when I've gotten more used to trad - which, incidentally, will not happen if I don't go out more, sigh.).

So another weekend in West LA beckons to me, and I have to drag my feet, because my heart is really somewhere up north, several hundred feet off the ground, looking out across the valley.

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