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Random thoughts

Thursday, October 25, 2007

High on Life

It's funny how the most random things can kick off such a torrent of emotions - and how it can happen at the most unexpected times. I'm sitting here in my cube at work, and wave after wave of excitement and elation is crashing over me. I can't even pinpoint what triggered it, I just know that it's there. I feel like running around screaming, "I love this life!" but I don't think that would go over too well here at work. So I have to resort to furiously typing as the emotions overcome me.

The weird thing is, life isn't particularly exciting right now; in fact, I would say I've been having my share of issues. But I'm seduced by the knowledge of possibilities, of things to come, of goals left to realize and the processes it will take to achieve them... of living in general. I suppose right now my life feels like a blank canvas, and I'm excited by the prospects of what colors to paint with and what shapes to make. Who knows what the outcome might be? But it's me holding the paintbrush and the palette, and I will make of it what I can.

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