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Random thoughts

Sunday, November 18, 2007

I Heart San Francisco... and everywhere else

There's much to be said about visiting another city or state or country. Well - there's much for me to say, that is. There I was, sighing about everything in sight, as Daisy drove me around downtown and Stanford and Berkeley. All I needed was a wistful soundtrack, and I would have been perfect for a sappy, sentimental tourist ad for this city. But so it goes for every other place I visit anyway: I was drooling over the Reflecting Pool in DC, and Great Falls in Virginia, and the mochi ice cream in New York, and the Whole Foods in Austin. And it seems like everytime I travel, my desire to leave LA and try living somewhere else grows and grows. All I've known is Southern California as a home - how do I know I won't be happier anywhere else?

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