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Random thoughts

Thursday, July 22, 2004


Alright, I'm getting really frustrated with IE. Monday morning, I was online most of the time, and everything was working perfectly. When I logged back on Monday afternoon, some mysterious force apparently messed with my browser and I couldn't get on the Internet. I tested my Yahoo! messenger and it wasn't working either. But the other laptop on our wireless network was working fine. So I figured, right, I'll just get another network cable from Best Buy.

So the next morning I sat outside the store, waiting patiently for it to open. As soon as they unlocked the doors, I swooped in, grabbed a cable and was the first customer to make a purchase at the store that day. I went back home, replaced the old cable with the new one, and voila! It still wasn't working.

So to make a long story short (believe me, I tried to fix it in so many different ways), I've pretty much given up on IE. I'm using Netscape right now. I concede defeat (for now) -- I'll just wait until the next version of IE is available.


I've stepped up a notch in reaching out and helping the community, so to speak. I hadn't been so involved with church before, but yesterday, I was initiated into the volunteer world. I've joined this group who handles a series of sessions called Theology on Tap, which targets younger people and talks about the lessons the church wants to teach, and how they are applicable in today's world. And it's been great so far (well, the ONE day I did it hahaha). Tonight, we have the actual session -- yesterday was just setting up the venue -- and I'm actually excited.
I think I'm beginning to understand why people actually do this. There's a certain feeling of fulfillment, and I predict that I am going to love it. So fingers crossed, I'm plowing on.


The little baby pigeons/doves outside aren't so little and aren't babies anymore. I think that in a few days, they'll be able to have full use of their wings and leave us already. Sniff.


I feel like such a domestic "goddess" (some people might beg to disagree - me, included! haha). I'm hosting a dinner for some friends here at home. I never thought I would enjoy preparing and cooking food, but I actually do, now that I've tried it. So on Saturday: tomato and pesto minipies, and oven fried potatoes to start... grilled tuna and new york steaks with mixed vegetables and fried cashews for the main course, and fresh chocolate chip cookies topped with vanilla ice cream. And maybe another kind of dessert.


I'm hungry. Till tomorrow then.

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