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Random thoughts

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Weekend Recap

I haven't gotten the pictures downloaded and resized yet so a narrative will have to do. Saturday, I headed down to Huntington Beach for a relaxed afternoon. Marc and I laid out for awhile then decided to try playing around in the water. Good decision. The water was warmer than usual, and we stayed in for almost an hour just duck-diving and trying to bodysurf. It certainly provided the much-needed refreshment from the heat.

We then headed back to Santa Monica to meet up with old friends, college classmates from back in the Philippines. One has married and now lives in Singapore, and one is still living in Manila. I hadn't seen them in awhile, so it was such fun to catch up with them.

As Marc and I were pulling out of the parking lot on our way home, I took out the digital camera and looked at the pictures we had taken. There was me and Aubrey, the girl I hadn't seen in three years. She and I were once the closest of friends back then. Marc said, "You missed them?" and that was it -- I had tears rolling down my face the whole ride home.

It's funny because as I go from day to day, I don't really think about all those people I left behind or lost touch with. But when someone comes to visit and you get to spend time with them, then you see what you've been missing, and all these memories come rushing back to haunt you. And it's almost unbearable. At least, it seemed that way to me. So Marc was left the task of trying to amuse me so my night wouldn't end so sadly.

The next day, we took another trip to the beach, this time to El Matador, which I absolutely loved. It was less crowded than its neighbor, Zuma Beach, but no less beautiful. We stayed there a little longer than we should have, jumping around in the waves and reading books. I had The Da Vinci Code with me and read it the whole time on my stomach, and so now I have a horribly sunburnt back and a pale front. Big whoops.

Tangent: The Da Vinci Code is turning out to be a great, great book. Marc is reading Angels and Demons right now and he says it's a wonderful read as well. My friend Reena claims that anything by Dan Brown is a sure entertainer. So I think I'll start collecting his novels.

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