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Random thoughts

Friday, March 26, 2004

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Everyone else I know who has a blog somehow finds the time to write everyday, and they actually don't run out of ideas or thoughts to write. Lucky them, because I think I've signed on here five times since the last time I posted something, and my mind just blanked. Is it that my life is so uninteresting that I can't come up with one single thing to bitch or gloat about, every day? Just one damn thing, and I can't come up with it.

Well anyway, last night I went to El Dorado, this obscure, seemingly camouflaged bar/club where my friend's boyfriend's band was having a concert to celebrate the release of their self-produced album. It was pretty cool, I can't really describe the type of music they played since I'm not really good at discerning the genres that have developed over the years, but they sounded good. And loud. Boy, was it loud. Even my friend had earplugs -- no wonder she could venture to the front of the stage and not go deaf. Anyway, the band's name is Thomas' Apartment. Very cool band, great lead guitarist! (sellout!!!)

Also, the past weekend, I threw a dinner party for my friends -- no occasion, I just wanted to have them over. So I surfed over to this recipe website and sure enough, they loved the food that I served. Maybe I'm on my way to being a gourmet chef after all, despite the fact that I never really touched a skillet or a frying pan before I was 24. Pretty impressive, huh?

Sadly, no pictures to show right now. Maybe my friend will send me some pics from last night. *Cross fingers*

Wrist still in a splint, and doing worse now. I was stretching the waistband of some garment, and my hand slipped and snapped back the other way. So much for progress.

Ooh, I watched The Apprentice last night too, and of course Bill delivered! Yep, he's the one. Maybe not just for Donald Trump, if you know what I mean *wink*. Now I'm getting other people to agree with me, so maybe the collective power of suggestion from all the way across the country will somehow have an effect. C'mon now, Donald, don't disappoint us!

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