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Random thoughts

Monday, September 27, 2004

Weekend Recap

This weekend was all about eating. On Saturday, Tito Gary had his housewarming party, with the food as swanky as his new place. Stuffed chicken, salmon and pasta, pizza, sushi rolls, and of course, drinks (which I bartended mostly, hahaha).

Then on Sunday, Marc and I went to the Taste of Santa Monica (Tito Gary had given me tickets to it for my birthday). It's a good thing I didn't eat breakfast - I think I ate enough for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Thank you, Tito Gary, for all the food - on both days!

Oh, here's a picture of Marc trying out the hoops on the pier, desperate to get a workout after all that food. This was his second try on it, and another guy jumped in with him. Should have taken the shot on his first try. Oh well, regrets.

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