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Random thoughts

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Itchy Fingers

Well, the weather has pretty much stayed the same - cold and wet. I've had my hot chocolate fix, but there's one thing missing: a piano.

Back in Manila, where it rained all the time, I would stay indoors and play the piano for hours just to kill time. I don't even remember actually playing specific pieces, but just pressing the keys and hearing the sound of it seemed to match the sound of the rain outside. I think a single note sounds like a raindrop hitting a puddle, but just like in movies, the sound is magnified a thousand times.

So today, I have devoted my car time to Jim Brickman and David Benoit. I know it sounds cheesy to some people, and if it is.... well, I guess I'm cheesy then. :P Something in piano music leaves such an echo in me, that I am reduced to silence, and my thoughts are clearer. Something in it makes me want to just close my eyes and retreat into myself.

....What I would do to get my fingers on a keyboard again....


I started reading this book called Streams in the Desert and it's pretty good. It's actually a daily devotional, and I read the entry for the day every morning. Mind you, I'm not really the Bible-reading-everyday type, but I think reading this book will actually be a good habit for me to keep.

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