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Random thoughts

Sunday, November 28, 2004


The weekend is winding down and I'm feeling pretty lethargic. Actually, it feels like I had such a lethargic weekend in general, because all I can remember is feeling sleepy. Yikes! I know part of Thanksgiving night, I was in bed, catching up on sleep, which was okay because I really did lack sleep. But half of Friday was spent in bed, and the other half was composed of a little hike and a couple of short climbs. And then Friday night, when I was watching The Ten Commandments (not Val Kilmer, it was his understudy who performed), I fell asleep during the first act.

And then, Saturday morning was spent in bed again until noon, after which came a couple of movies (all of which I slept through some parts), a trip to Costco, then a night of fixing the Christmas lanterns at home. By the end of the night, I was more than ready to plop down in bed and fall asleep again. Geez!

I couldn't decide which picture to share, so I'll just post the pictures I took during my new friend Allan's Pre-Thanksgiving get-together at Cabo Cantina. This was Wednesday night (yup, I was able to escape Thanksgiving preparations), so Thursday morning, I had a little bit of a hangover. Marc and I went for a run, but I was so out of it that we had to walk part of the way. Haha!

Gotta get back to my workout routine this week. Oh, and I'm joining the climbing gym finally. I can't wait!

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