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Random thoughts

Friday, December 17, 2004

I Met The Fockers!

John couldn't decide who to bring to the Meet The Fockers premiere last Thursday, so he brought me! Whoopee! The stars of the movie were there, but I only saw Dustin Hoffman. We got there late so we missed the pre-party, and at the after-party, only Dustin showed up.

Anyway, I give this movie two thumbs way, way up. It's just as good as the first movie, and I highly recommend watching it.

The thing that sucks about watching the world premiere is that you have a hard time finding people who will understand jokes that you want to make in reference to the movie. Friday night, I was aching to swap one-liners with Marc, as he and I can get pretty silly with movie lines, but I couldn't do that with him. All I could do was make him promise not to watch it until he gets back from the East Coast, and he could watch it with me. I can't wait!

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