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Random thoughts

Friday, January 14, 2005

Mammoth Revisited

It's Friday, the last night my cousin Dave and his wife Christine will be here. It is nice to know that I'm going to have my bed back after sleeping on a rock-hard mattress for the past few days (what good is a king-sized bed if it's that uncomfortable? gosh!), but it's sad to see them go. I really enjoyed spending time with them.

Anyway, this past week has been one of the best ones ever. It was awesome... incredible! Despite the weather conditions at the start of the trip, we were all in high spirits and everyone got along superbly. Again, many thanks to Napoleon Dynamite for the main source of entertainment.

The first two days in Mammoth, the weather was bad and it was torturous to sit there on the lift while the wind whipped snow against our faces. But being hardcore beginners (ironic?), we still got our groove on and snowboarded the open trails.

Then we were blessed with two glorious days of sunshine and good weather. Marc taught me how to ski, which added to allure of those last two days (I've decided if I ever had a calling to a snowsport, it was to skiing and not snowboarding, as I fell more in the first two days rather than in the last two when I was only getting on skis for the first time).

After a sumptious Mexican dinner surrounded by an adopted Asian baby and people talking about threesomes behind us, we wearily headed home, ready to jump into bed (or in my case, the sofa) to sleep off the aches and pains. Whew!

Thanks to Marc for the company and the ski lessons and the driving. Thanks to my cousins for coming all the way here. Utah, next year! :)

More Mammoth pictures

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