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Random thoughts

Friday, February 25, 2005

Welcome Routine Change

Today, instead of eating lunch at work like I usually do, I grabbed some lunch at the Panda Express in Pacific Palisades then went to visit Marc, Neil and Jim at their worksite. I felt pretty mean, sitting there eating on the patio while they worked. They had had lunch already, and I was merely catching up with them. I did however bring them a box of espresso chocolate chip cookies (three of which I ate because I couldn't resist).

It's so nice to break out of my routine and welcome interactions with other people during my work day. I get cabin fever dealing with just Grace, Bruno and John, I suppose. So I was so cheerful and peppy when I was chatting with the Palisades crew. It's definitely something I want to do more, because it's so relaxing and it recharges me for the rest of the day. I guess I really crave interaction with more people.

Anyway, it was fun to watch them work, and I actually took a few pictures to document the "before" state of the house. Then next week I'm paying them another visit when they're done so I can see the final product of their hard work, and can take pictures of it too. If they let me, I'll post a "before" picture, and an "after" picture here. It'll be like a little Changing Rooms experience for me.

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