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Random thoughts

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Weekend Recap - Oscars Weekend

The weekend is winding down, and I have John Mayer singing to me in the background to "come back to bed". One second, John, I'm writing.

My mom and I drove down to Orange County on Saturday for my dental appointment (a one-hour drive just to try something on, and then I still have to come back to actually pick up the thing. Sigh.) and then since we were in the area, we decided to swing by my mom's cousin's house to visit her aunt who lives there, who had just come home from the hospital two weeks ago. We stayed there for awhile; I rested upstairs while my mom caught up with her. After lunch, my mom and I headed out to visit the stores in the area. We went to Target first, because there really is no Target that's near our place in Brentwood. Then we visited the bargain shops around there as well. And yup, I came home with a couple of things myself.

Sunday, my mom and I ended up by ourselves at a brunch that Johanna and Marc were supposed to be at as well. Johanna had to bail out because her marathon is next week and she had to train really hard today for it. Marc in the meantime is down with a severe cold. I suppose the good thing about this was that when we asked for a table at the infamous Omelette Parlor, we were seated right away.

After a carb-filled brunch, we went to visit the Farmer's Market nearby. We went away with lots of vegetables and of course, strawberries. Then we headed to Third Street to look for a suitcase for my sister-in-law and to do some impulse shopping for ourselves.

When we went home, there were already guests there watching the Oscars. My uncle has this Oscar gathering every year. He and his friends fill out ballots and tally up the results in the end. Tito Gary won this year. I normally join in the festivities but lately, I haven't been feeling up to getting involved too much in his activities. So I just sat back tonight and chatted with the guests, but my attention was only half on the actual program.

Anyway, as to shopping, my end-of-weekend tally is as follows:

4 pairs of shoes (Should I be embarassed? They were all good deals though.)
1 jacket
1 racerback tank for working out/climbing
1 sheer top

I don't feel as guilty ending up with all these things because I'm cleaning out my closet and sending back shoes and clothes to the Philippines to be donated to people who need them. It's just a little bit of replenishment.

Anyway, while my mom's here, I'll have to rearrange my workout schedule to accommodate spending more time with her. Longer cardio for three days, and two days climbing in the early morning. It's only for a week. Who knows? Maybe I'll actually like this schedule and continue with it.

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