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Random thoughts

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Please Deflate Me

This is the most bloated I've ever felt in ages. My day started pretty much the same, but after the Easter service at St. Monica's, I went on to gorge myself on pancakes, waffles, an omelet and two kinds of dessert at Cafe Bizou. And I had two full glasses of wine, a glass of OJ and some tea. Geez! I probably looked like I was scared to starve to death or something. I guess I have to put in some extra time on the stair machine tomorrow.

I find that the main requirement in climbing better seems to be keeping your weight down, so I've really been trying to watch what I eat. I can see the difference - when I've been eating badly, and I try to climb, I'm not nearly as effective as when I eat healthy. Not to say that I regress, but I just have an easier time pulling myself up on the wall. Also, as one of my friends who came to visit pointed out, everyone at the gym looks like they're underweight. Haha!

Got an invite to go out to New Jack today, but as it's Easter, I had to say no. I'm so envious though - I've never been to New Jack but I've seen photos of it, courtesy of Jean-Michel, and it just looks beautiful. I hope Mike agrees to go there again next weekend, or sometime in the near future.

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That's cuz when you eat too much your gut gets in the way of the rock face!

You're skinny - don't even worry about it!!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at March 27, 2005 8:19 PM  

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