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Random thoughts

Monday, April 18, 2005

Back in the Saddle

I think I've recovered from the weekend (upset stomach, hangovers and extreme laziness), so I'm back - not quite full force, but back anyhow. I was able to climb the extreme overhang at the gym, did the normal V2's, with energy to spare. Maybe I'll be ready to try a V3 next week; that's how confident I feel now anyway.

So funny how frustration and helplessness and annoyance or anger can fuel an "I'm still a $%#&$&#$%&^^ great person" kind of mentality and help me get the energy to climb routes that I never thought I could do just yet. It helped that Mike and Greg were there to distract me too. I owe those two a lot!

This is the lowest I've been in the past couple of months so I know things are bound to change and there's no way to go but up. I can feel it. I definitely think that through all these difficulties lately, I'm starting to discover the attitude that will finally allow me to stop mulling over things that I probably should stop caring about, and thinking about people who might rather not be in such close proximity. Kind of sad.

So in that respect, yup, I think I might be almost back in the saddle too. Can't be sitting in such a bad place forever. Can't control people or situations, just the way I feel.

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