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Random thoughts

Wednesday, May 04, 2005


John bought tickets to the advanced screening of Crash at the Chinese Mann Theatres, but was unfortunate enough to get food poisoning the day of the show (yesterday). He then passed on the tickets to me so that they wouldn't go to waste. As Tito Gary couldn't make it and Uncle Monching was iffy about going, I went to see the movie with Marc. I guess John must really be "bigtime" because while there was a long line outside the movie theatre, I simply had to walk up to the ticket booth, give the girl his name and we were able to go in right away, hands stamped and toting purple Crash bands that said, "Live your life at the point of impact."

The movie was more than I expected it to be. Actually I went into the theatre a little apprehensive because I'd heard that it was a downer, but I loved it anyway. Great acting, and really well-made. It was a little odd to see Sandra Bullock in a serious role (she was actually a real bitch), but she did pretty well. Highly recommended.

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