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Random thoughts

Thursday, May 26, 2005


I must say, going to LAX is probably one of the worst things to do in the world, especially when it's between 5pm and 8pm in the evening. It's totally tolerable if I'm being dropped off to go to some exciting new place, but when it's me fighting the traffic to pick up or drop off people, then it's not the most thrilling experience.

I get a kick out of unloading my luggage onto the airport sidewalk and lining up to get my bags checked, etc., etc. I get caught up in the excitement and feel that it's all part of the experience. If it's me behind the driver's seat though, I'm all envious of the people who are actually doing the traveling so that adds up to more cranky points. I often don't drive away happy.

So I'm looking forward to Chicago next week, and Charlemont and Martha's Vineyard in the summer. I'm counting the days and daydreaming about the fun that I'm going to have on these escapades. I can't wait!

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