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Random thoughts

Monday, July 04, 2005

Weekend Recap - Fourth of July Weekend

Happy Fourth, everyone!

It's the end of the long weekend. Although I stayed local, I feel like I did a lot these past couple of days. It had the right mix of everything - reconnecting with family and friends, spending time with Marc, hanging out at the beach and of course, climbing.

Saturday morning was pretty mellow actually, but it picked up when we went to church. First of all, I think I've completely changed my mind about mass in St. Monica's. I used to think that the Sunday 5:30 mass had the best choir, but going to the 5:30 one on Saturday proved me wrong. There were only five people in the choir and they were miles ahead of Helena and her backup singers. There's really no way for me to describe it properly; whenever I begin to try to explain it to someone, I inevitably just get this nagging urge to haul them away to mass on Saturday.

After mass, my uncle, grandmother and I drove over to Burbank to hang out with my cousins and uncle and aunt. We had dinner at Elephant Bar then chatted a bit more at their house, telling jokes and playing the piano and guitar. It was a much-needed family reunion, because I never really get to hang out with them that much or talk to them on the phone. Reconnecting is always good.

Sunday morning, Marc and I drove to Malibu Creek (we were debating whether to go to Echo Cliffs but as we didn't want to end up like baked goods, we decided against it) for some climbing. I think it was one of our better days at climbing of late - Marc flashed a 10d, a sure sign that his arm is getting better, and I flashed a 10b pretty much on-sight. I know this will sound a little conceited, but it felt pretty damn good especially when this group of people watching me climb cheered when I topped off and was lowered to the ground. Thanks for the boost, guys! :)

We headed out mid-afternoon to enjoy the last rays of the sun in Zuma Beach, where the photo above was taken (I realized I was wearing blue pants and had a red-and-white towel, so I couldn't resist posing for the holiday).

Today, after a Fourth of July breakfast with Marc at Bread and Porridge, I was able to drive down to Orange County to spend some time with Joedie and Angela. Joedie's moving to Texas soon and today was my last chance to spend time with him, so I really made it a point to go there. And that was definitely a good idea because lately we haven't had the chance to really hang out.

It feels like I didn't really get a chance to hang out here at home and just kick back for awhile so that's what I'm doing now. Is it sad that my idea of relaxing is typing on the computer, which is pretty much what I do at work? Hmm. Oh well. But here I am, hating the fact that the weekend is over, but nonetheless thankful because of everything that happened.

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