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Random thoughts

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Long Day

As logic and work ethics state, after a long vacation comes a period of working long hours to catch up on work. Today seems like a particularly taxing day, as I spent the whole day running around, getting things arranged in the new office. Plus, having two people I report to in the same office has taken its toll too. It's good to have more responsibilities but it adds to the stress too. A vicious cycle that in a way I'm glad I'm in. Better than being unemployed!

Alright, now something else has come up. Breaking news.... the old business venture is posing another opportunity again, and I'm being offered to get involved again. The only problem? Time. I feel like I'm going to be stretching myself too thin. I always hold my time outside of work holy. We're not all so lucky to have 'lifestyle built in' to our work lives, as Marc puts it. If I could make a good living while still being able to do all the things I enjoy doing outside of work, I would be the happiest. Unfortunately that seems to be just a dream.

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