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Random thoughts

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Family Visit

My dad is coming into town tonight and I'm really excited. We always have lots of fun because he loves to do things with me - ride our bikes along the beach, go to the Promenade, and I've also actually contracted him to go climbing with me at the gym. I don't get as allergic when he comes because I know I can still do my routine without feeling guilty that someone is waiting at home to spend time with me. I can do both with him. My only problem is gathering enough passes to get him in the gym that often! A full month's worth, yikes!

Anyway, one of the primary reasons for his visit, aside from coming to see me, is to help out at home to fix up the place so we can put it up for sale. Sigh. Yes, it's true, we're going to have to sell the place. I'm so sad because I'm so in love with the condo and the location we're in. I feel like I'm still in denial, but at the same time I've been desperately looking for a place for us to move to that's still in the West LA/Santa Monica area. I never want to leave this place, and I really would rather not move to another area. I'm crossing my fingers that we find something here soon.

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