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Random thoughts

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Voice of Anguish

I was just browsing the videos of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and was moved to tears at the destruction and loss in the area. I can't even begin to fathom the frustration and anguish that these people are feeling right now - they've lost their homes, all their belongings, and some have lost their loved ones. Particularly heart-wrenching is the following quote (taken from the ABC website):

I held her hand as tight as I could. She told me, "You can't hold me." She told me to take care of the kids and the grandkids.

-Harvey Jackson of Biloxi, Miss., whose wife slipped into floodwaters as their house split in two

I actually watched the video of this guy being interviewed and there really is no way to put into words the emotions that it evoked. Suffice to say that the announcer who introduced the interviewer, and the actual interviewer, was close to tears as this guy talked. I totally lost it.

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You fell for that? He sounded like one of those bums at the gas station who say they live in the valley and just need a couple dollars so they can get some gas to drive home, and then promise to mail you the money back. (Their car is never even in sight- because it doesn't exist.) C'mon if that was your wife are you just going to let her float away- and where did the house go? I didn't see any houses floating away in New Orleans. They were all pretty much stationary. Google maps has satellite pics that show it all- if you don't believe me.


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