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Random thoughts

Monday, September 12, 2005

Weekend Recap - Flash Weekend

Why do weekends go by so fast? I had barely gotten into the groove of destressing when Sunday came around and I started dreading the next day.

It wasn't so bad actually. Friday night, Charlie, Marc and I put in some lead climbing at the gym. Then afterwards Marc and I hung out at home and watched the DVD of The Brothers McMullen. It seemed pretty good - but in the middle of it, we fell asleep and only woke up to see the ending. But it wasn't that hard to figure out what had happened while we were getting our shuteye.

Saturday morning, I went for my "hour of pure relaxation" at the Santa Monica College of Healing Arts, where my masseuse Nataliya proceeded to dig her elbows into my back. I haven't had a chance to get a massage in over a year, and I could tell that all my muscles were really tight so I scheduled this appointment. There were so many knots all over my back and shoulders and Nataliya was only able to soften some of them. At the end of the session, she shook her head and said that I really needed two hours instead of just one because the knots were really hard, and there were more in my legs. Woohoo! It's my excuse to get another one, a longer one.

Then Saturday night, we had the birthday party for Giok, our neighbor who turns 80 today. Tito Monching arranged for some friends to come over and give Giok a surprise celebration. It was a super success - Giok was gaping at us for about a full minute, in sheer disbelief. She looked really happy, and couldn't stop saying how grateful she was. It gave me a good feeling.

We heard mass on Saturday afternoon, so I had the whole Sunday free. We decided to take a trip out to Malibu for some outdoor climbing. We were only able to do two climbs, but man, was I tired! Marc and I both tried to do a climb that was probably a 5.11 rating, and we were unable to finish it, but since our gear was up there on the rock, we had to figure out a way to take it all down. I had to shimmy up some other way and it took what felt like a full hour - which involved flaky rock that was breaking off the surface and some serious birdshit - for me to finish cleaning up the route. I really need to start working on my climbing technique more. :(

After doing a little shopping, we sat down to watch another Ed Burns film - She's The One, which I liked better than the one we had seen Friday night. I turned to Marc after the movie and said, "Is it just because I fell asleep or is this movie better than Brothers McMullen?"

So Monday is here again and it's back to work. Can't wait for Friday again!

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