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Random thoughts

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Camera Switch

When my dad brought out his old-school Minolta film camera to take pictures at our family reunion, I felt compelled to offer him my Sony digital camera instead. Sure, I had a lot of complaints about it, but my dad has had that old one for over 20 years. I thought it was only right that we give it the rest it deserved. It was a great camera though.

It was only a half-meant offer, I was kidding him about his camera being so obsolete. But when he got his hands on my camera, he seemed so interested and so pleased with the idea of having a new toy, that I decided to just give it to him and get another one for myself.

I was almost going to get the Casio Z750, but Angela enlightened me just in time. So here it is, my new Canon SD400. Not an improvement from the Sony in terms of megapixels, but a lot more advanced in terms of modes and camera speed (thank God!).

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