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Random thoughts

Thursday, May 04, 2006

A Night In Old Town

Since Marc was in the area yesterday, we decided to forego our usual climbing schedule and hang out in Old Town Pasadena instead. There was a cute little Brazilian-Italian restaurant I remember eating at a couple of times when I still lived in Glendale, and I wanted to revisit it, to see if the food was still as good as I remember it. It was called Chiara then, but when we got there, we found out they had changed the name to Malagueta. But when I asked, I was told that they had the same cook, same menu, with a few additions. Aside from having Brazilian and Italian fare, they started offering Mediterranean food too. So there was hummus, falafel, etc., etc, beside the Brazilian appetizers in the menu.

I was very pleased to discover that the quality of the food hadn't changed either. Marc ordered the Brazilian garlic chicken with cilantro pesto sauce (which is his favorite) and I ordered the ossobucco, which was so tender that it broke into pieces when I put my fork through it. We skipped the sangria that came highly recommended, and instead walked down to Maison du Leonidas to get two cups of steaming rich hot chocolate and a few truffles (which I still have in my purse).

Being a couple of old farts, we went into all the home decor stores and oohed and aahed over all the furniture and kitchen accessories. Since Marc's move into his new place, we've been obsessed with decorating it and making it as nice as we possibly can. Now we have a new project that we are thinking of embarking on, and I'm ultra-excited since it will bring a lot more color (which I'm a fan of) to his place.

The lack of traffic coming back from Pasadena was a great ending to a great evening.

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