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Random thoughts

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Sending Red and Feeling Blue

I've discovered the not-so-secret secret: traversing. How have I not known this sooner? I know, I know, I've been told time and again that traversing at the gym will help my climbing, but I suppose I've always seen it as pointless and boring - you're really not getting any height.

Man, was I wrong! After two back-and-forths, I was perspiring like crazy and refusing to let anyone hug me hello. This was after I had just sent a red (V4) problem with Tad's help, so I felt pretty proud of my accomplishment. Last Monday too (after a long traverse at the gym on Saturday), I sent the yellow 5.11A on the arch, and then immediately went and finished the wood that went all around it. I don't mean to be spouting out my climbing resume and seeming to brag about it - I'm just really happy, and it's that big of an accomplishment for me. I never thought I would be in a position to comfortably send these routes/problems before.

On the downside, exerting all that effort has taken its toll on me. I had been feeling a bit of a sore throat for the past couple of days, and now I can barely talk without feeling pain. Tit for tat. I've been popping pills like crazy though, so hopefully I'll be on the mend soon.

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